lunes, 8 de agosto de 2011

Missionary Family

The Origin of a Vision

They met at the Assemblies of God Central Bible College. He came after several years resisting the fire of the call of God in his heart; she came one year later answering the missionary call in the last years of her adolescence. Love came and both were having the same passion for missions as a sign of God's backing to their relationship. This passion for missions was ignited in the classrooms of the Bible College.

Since his second year at the Bible college Jhorman started his ministry pasturing a small church associated to his home church La Trinidad. After graduating from the Bible College he felt God was calling him to go to La Vega (a city one hour from Santo Domingo), with the vision to plant a new church and getting more experience on missions before going into the mission field.

La Vega represented in his life a desert where God was shaping and confirming his call to missions. A year and some months after he married Diana and she joined him in La Vega. There he had the privileged of working with missionaries from the United State in a Christian School.

Time after Diana became pregnant and God open a door so that they can come to La Trinidad as associated pastors of Rev. Manuel Rivera. There God open the doors of the church and the heart of the brethren and they develop their ministry for 4 years, dealing with different functions, which they perceive as an opportunity of unparalleled growth and preparation, counting with the confidence and support of their senior pastor and the leadership of the church. During this period of time God bless them with his daughter Aileen and his son Emanuel. They also had the opportunity of collaborating with Canadian missionaries starting a new church in Arroyo Hondo, a neighborhood in Santo Domingo.

The time has come, after 5 years together as ministers of God, for they to decide whether to stay at Dominican Republic and pastor a beautiful church or going into the mission field, following the call of God which was still burning in their heart. In this crossroad in their life they decided to take the less travelled way and they present to their leaders the Missionary Project: Dawn for the Maghreb. Today they are asking you to come with them to the North of Africa and reach those Arabs for the Kingdom of God.